Christopher Court - The return home

The return home

After 10 days at CHOP, the steroids had started working and Chris had regained a lot of use of his arm and leg.  He was able to walk with the aid of a gait belt and his brace and could do some basic things with his right arm again.  Luckily Chris was left handed and so was still able to do most things.  One of the side effects of large doses of steroids is weight gain.  Chris had ballooned in the short time he had spent at CHOP and would continue to do so.  Now his difficulty walking was compounded by his weight gain.  At home, his bed was dismantled and the mattress placed on the floor so that he would be able to get in and out of bed easily.  Getting up and down stairs was a challenge and he often had to be carried by one of his parents.  At this point no one could really say if his motor skills would improve.  

 Chris was attending a small Catholic grade school at the time and they had no facilities for disabled children - no ramps or elevators - so Chris' parents started looking for tutoring services so that he could continue his education while going through treatment and until he was able to return to school.  The local school district was 

no help at all and ultimately, Chris' first grade teacher undertook to prepare work for him each week that he was able to do at home or in the hospital.  As with most children and their parents, there was battle to get the work done each week, but at the end of the school year Chris passed with flying colors.