Christopher Court - The kindness of others

Christopher Court in his Karate uniform

The kindness of others

It was during this first stay at CHOP that Chris and his family started to realize what a wonderful supportive community they lived in and how much volunteers contribute to make children's time in hospital as pleasant as possible.  Many people visited or sent cards and gifts.  After getting back to the room after a scan or physio therapy there would often be something new in the room such as a sports themed pillow case or a quilted blanket provided by volunteers.  As previously mentioned, the scouts sent a large basket of toys and they started organizing a rota to provide meals for when the family got home as did the karate school.  Chris' karate teachers came to visit and brought a "Build-a-bear" dressed in a karate uniform.  This was the first time the word "Spirit" was associated with Chris' fight and has since been used any time Chris' name has been used.  It is also the name Chris later gave his dog.

On the day Chris got sick he had been working on his Pinewood Derby car with his dad.  The derby was going to be the weekend after Chris got out of the hospital and there wasn't going to be enough time to finish it.  The Scout Master offered to take Chris' car and finish it for him - what a wonderful gesture.