Christopher Court

The legacy

Chris inspired everyone that met him and has continued to inspire people that hear his story.   Brain tumors can strike at any time; no one knows what causes them and modern medicine doesn't have an effective way to treat them if they cannot be surgically removed.  Treatment has not changed much in the last 30 years - it is basically surgery (if possible), radiation and chemotherapy.  Brain tumors in children are different than in adults because their brain is still developing, but not much is known about exactly what the differences are.  Even if a child survives a brain tumor, the effects of the radiation and chemotherapy can cause hearing loss, vision loss, learning problems, seizures, growth problems, sterility, secondary tumors and more.  There is a possibility that the tumor that killed Chris may have been caused by the radiation.  Compared to other types of cancer, research into pediatric brain tumors is tiny.  Consider for a moment all the money raised for breast cancer and the dramatic improvement in survival rates that has been achieved. 

If you only take away one thing from reading this story, it should be that life is fragile and none of us can predict the future.  Love your children; spend time with them; realize how important they are to you and do not take them for granted.

Chris' parents set up the Christopher Court Foundation to raise awareness into this disease and to raise money for research.  They would also like to make people aware of the importance of donating tissue for research which is just as important as the money.

Rest in peace Chris, you are sorely missed by so many.