Christopher Court

Make a Wish

Several months earlier, Chris had been visited by the Make a Wish foundation who wanted to grant him his wish.  Chris did not understand the magnitude of the things they could do for him.  He was suggesting things like Lego models and a puppy - all things his parents could provide for him.  The Make a Wish representative suggested a few things such as meeting a favorite sports person, a Disney trip or a room make over.  After thinking about it, Chris decided on the room make over.  Ironically he chose this because he wanted something that would last rather than something that would be over in a few days.

Christopher Court looking at the dragon poster from Make a WishA designer came to visit to measure the room and to get ideas.  Chris wanted a Dragon and Lego themed room.  These were two of his favorite things; he loved everything to do with dragons and they were the subject of most of his drawings; he also loved to build Lego models.  Only a week before his relapse he completed the London Tower Bridge model.

Everything for the make over was ordered and the work was scheduled to be done the Saturday after Chris' relapse.   His parents had planned to take him out for the day while the work was done so that it would be a surprise when he got home.  Because of his condition it was decided that the make over should be limited to the soft furnishings and wall hangings as it would not be possible to paint or lay carpet etc.

When Chris awoke, he saw the giant dragon poster on his wall and dragon cushions and lamp on his bed.  He stared at them for a long time and smiled.