Christopher Court

Home again

On arriving back at home the family found a motorized hospital bed in Chris' room, oxygen cylinder, a ventilator, a suction pump and a bewildering array of tubing and fitments.  Luckily Chris' aunt Terry was a trained nurse and had volunteered to take care of all his medical needs so that his parent could just be parents.  Shortly after getting home, the hospice nurse arrived to introduce herself and provide information on caring for Chris.  She also bought some of the drugs he would need.  The bulk of the drugs would come from a 24 hour pharmacy that would deliver things at any hour of the day.

Chris smilingChris was happy to be home and surrounded by his own things - especially his dog Spirit.  She would lay on the floor beside his bed for hours.

There were many visitors in the first few days back home; friends from school, his teachers, friends from karate and scouts, a local football team and of course family.  Chris could follow people around the room with his eyes and several people that he held dear were rewarded with big smiles.

Christopher Court playing Nintendo DSIn the quiet times between visits Chris would watch some of his favorite programs on Netflix on his iPad - a particular favorite was Johnny Test.  At other times his dad would read the Percy Jackson book they had been reading together, or carry him down to the basement and sit him on his bean bag chair while playing a game on the Wii.  This was something they did together nearly every evening when his dad came home from work.

In this picture you see Chris playing Nintendo DS games with his dad on their matching bean bag chairs only 3 days before his relapse.