Christopher Court - Life on chemo

Life on chemo

Life on chemo was not too bad for Chris.  Chemo days were bad and sometimes the day after, but over all he lived a mostly normal life.  Chemo and radiation changed his sense of taste and there were very few things he liked to eat.  He would eat bacon and ice cream; two things you would not be happy about your child eating all the time, but Chris was loosing weight and as the doctors said "a calorie is a calorie".  It was a constant battle to get him to eat and there was always the threat of a feeding tube up the nose if he lost much more weight.

Christopher Court at a Philly's game with a friendChris became very uncomfortable outdoors on hot days - he would sweat a lot and become very distressed.  The family had been given tickets to see a Phillies game, but the seats were in full sunlight and he couldn't tolerate the heat.

Chris had been booked in for a summer camp at the Calvary Church in Souderton, but as the time approached, Chris' mom realized he would not be able to play outside and so she phoned to cancel.  When the people at the church heard he could not go and the reason why, they decided to bring the event to him.  They erected a bounce house in the back yard and bought pizza and soda.  There were clowns and children to play with - it was a wonderful gesture from wonderful caring people.  Chris was rather overwhelmed and uncomfortable because of the heat.

Christopher Court's allergic reaction to chemo therapyAs the weeks progressed Chris started to become allergic to something he was taking and would break out in hives.  It turned out to be the Temodar which he was taking on days 1-5 of the 28 day cycle.  The strange thing is that the hives would not appear until day 7, but when they did, they were severe.  This reaction was bought under control by taking anti histamine and steroids on days 1-7.

Ironically, they had just got the meds right for two cycles prior to Chris dying.  For those two cycles, he did not throw up on chemo day, or the day after and he did not break out in hives.

Another common side effect of chemo is the one people are most aware of, hair loss.  Chris' hair did thin out and became quite wiry, but he did not go bald and looked normal.  Even the hair over his left ear that was lost during radiation had started to grow back.