Christopher Court - 7th Birthday

7th Birthday

Christopher Court's birthday cake from Icing SmilesChris' birthday was April 29th and he chose to invite all his friends to Pump It Up - one of those warehouses full of inflatable activities.  He never became spoiled despite receiving so many gifts during the previous months and in many ways felt guilty about it.  When it came time for his birthday he decided he didn't need any more toys and he wanted to donate his presents to the Ronald McDonald house.  He did however reserve the right to keep a present if it was something he particularly wanted.  The birthday cake was donated by the charity Icing Smiles who make special cakes for sick children; Chris' was in the shape of Lego bricks.

Christopher Court with his puppy SpiritThere was one gift that Chris had wanted for a long time, but his Dad was not easy to convince - a Black Labrador puppy.  Having watched the strength, courage and determination that Chris showed as he went through the radiation treatment, his Dad could no longer refuse him.  Some weeks before his birthday, Chis visited a breeder and chose a small quiet female puppy, but she was too young to be separated from her mother.  She would be just the right age around Chris' birthday.  When the family went to pick her up she was no longer little and has subsequently grown into a very large, very boisterous dog.  The obvious name for her was "Spirit".  The two were inseparable until the end.  Spirit is now the foundation's mascot and appears in the logo.